Our small lot plantings are situated among 1,500 acres of the Vines of Mendoza Private Vineyards. The backdrop of the Andes and the magnificent Uco Valley inspire the craftsmanship and dedication needed to make esteemed wines.

In addition to our signature Premium Corte and Torrontés releases, we’ll expand our offerings based on how certain varietals flourish within the Private Vineyard Estates.


Gratitud is the creative enterprise of Jacqueline Nunez and Rachel Cullinane. Winemaking in Mendoza is a long way from life in Boston, Massachusetts, but our mutual passion for wine and Jacqueline’s South American roots inspired us to create Gratitud.

While searching for potential vineyard sites, we discovered the perfect opportunity within the Vines of Mendoza Private Vineyard Estates in the Uco Valley. Our vines were planted in September of 2010 and our first harvest was in 2012.
Jacqueline + Rachel
Picture of the signature of Jacqueline Nunez Picture of the signature of Rachel Cullinane


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